About SDMC

The Skeletal Dysplasia Management Consortium (SDMC) is a group of member clinicians who are experts in the field of skeletal dysplasia and are dedicated to improving the clinical management of skeletal dysplasia.

The SDMC was founded in 2014 through an inaugural meeting in Seattle, hosted by Klane White, MD, and Michael Goldberg, MD, both of Seattle Children’s Hospital. All founding members were in attendance at the meeting, which was held at a camp in Carnation, Washington, which had annual camp events for young people with skeletal dysplasia.

Each annual meeting has a clear objective to work towards before, during, and after the meeting

Each annual meeting has a clear topic for the subsequent manuscript to work towards before, during, and after the meeting. During the annual meetings, the group undergoes a rigorous Delphi process to develop the key points of each publication. Each member leaves the meeting equally responsible for contributing to the development of the subsequent manuscript for submission to a peer-reviewed journal. When appropriate, additional non-member clinicians are invited to the meeting and will contribute to the SDMC publication.

In 2018, the SDMC received its 501c3 status as a Delaware-based non-profit organization. We continue to strive towards educating all clinicians about how to best support people with skeletal dysplasia.

Visit Physician Resources to review the publications resulting from previous SDMC meetings.